Crippen and Landru: publisher of short story collections by top-flight mystery and suspense writers, classic and contemporary.

Kevin's Corner: the blog of fiction writer and outstanding book reviewer Kevin Tipple (who occasionally publishes some of my reviews).

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection: an essential reference for mystery buffs by Michael E. Grost, a brilliant and incisive analyst.

At the Villa Rose: the blog of the very insightful mystery fan Xavier Lechard.

At the Scene of the Crime: the blog of self-described "mystery addict" Patrick Ohl.

Hal White: the author of the very entertaining and recommended collection of impossible crime stories The Mysteries of Reverend Dean.

The Golden Age Mystery Forum: a lively web group for fans of mystery and detective fiction.

The Short Mystery Fiction Society


Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine


King's River Life Magazine: Mystery Rat's Maze

Jenny Milchman's Home on the Web

Bill Crider's Homemade Home Page

Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine

Flash Bang Mysteries


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